Saturday, February 12, 2011

Governor Scott Walker Calls for Privatization of the Packers

Walker Calls for Restructuring and Privatization of Packers

De Pere, WI – Governor Scott Walker continues his push for increased private ownership in publicly owned entities with a new swing through the Northeast portion of the state of Wisconsin. Calling the Packers “ripe for realignment” and their association with the NFL's players union “lamentable” Walker is making a push to retract all public ownership over the 92 year old franchise. Walker says that he hopes to instill fiscal sanity to the once financially responsible Packers, which has been owned by the city of Green Bay since 1923.
      According to Walker, Green Bay is “open for business” just like the rest of the state. Walker says that he hopes that the end of public ownership of the Packers will allow the team to make an easier split from the powerful and extraneous NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) whose salary demands and compensation packages provide some top players with salaries in the multi-millions of dollars per year. Walker claims that there are plenty of job opportunities for local football players who might find a chance to play professionally for more reasonable wages.
      The governor undoubtedly hopes that with lower salaries to non-union players the city of Green Bay will reap financial benefits. According to the governor, the decreased financial burden on the city of Green Bay will allow local monies once directed towards millionaires like defensive back Charles Woodson to be funneled toward much needed construction projects like the $186 million development and reconstruction of County Rd. 156 connecting Green Bay to neighboring Clintonville.
      “It is time to stop the spending insanity in the public domain,” Walker told a crowd of around 250 at the VFW Post 234 in De Pere. “Green Bay needs overpaid football players about as much as Madison needs overpaid Professors at the UW.”


Mad Hatter said...

Walker's got a point. The Packers ought to be privately owned just like the other pro teams. Fer cryin out loud, Wisconsin's open for Business!!
The FAT shall rise to the top as Wisconsin melts...

Anonymous said...

Nicely written.

How about also getting rid of the 100s of Cheese Cooperatives around the state? Privatizing them would be a great idea, as you can imagine Kraft buying out all the silly ma' & pa' farmers who now provide high-quality dairy products. Instead, Kraft will add its 3rd World chemicals to make Our Lives Better (its latest slogan). Besides, it's time for WI to move away from the dairy industry. Attracting Walker's ideal business means Monsanto, Altria (formerly the Tobacco King that changed its name when -- cough cough -- we discovered that smoking is bad because it stunts your growth), and Dairy Queen will re-locate their national headquarters to Oostburg. That's Walker's hometown and he's got pockets to feather there as payback for the 100% vote he got there. One last thing: Remember that Walker's State Health Plan will replace ObamaCare when its repealed next week in Washington, DC. Do you know what Walker's health plan's one and only tenet is?: Don't get sick.