Friday, February 18, 2011

Governor Walker Denied In Application To Finish Degree at UW-Whitewater

Governor Walker Denied In Application To Finish Degree at UW-Whitewater

Whitewater, WI – Chancellor Richard Telfer announced through a press release that governor Scott Walker has been denied in his application to complete his undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. This announcement, originally reported in the Madison based newspaper “The Isthmus” confirms that Admissions Director Jodie Hare-Paynter has denied the governor's entry to the university along with his FAFSA (Federal Assistance for Student Aid) application.
      Walker originally attended Marquette University from 1986-1990 where he withdrew from courses a full 36 credits short of graduation. At Marquette's School of Business Administration Walker earned a cumulative GPA of 1.96 over his four years at the university.
      When pressed as to why the current governor was not admitted, Hare-Paynter pointed to Walker's less than exemplary student record at Marquette, along with his complete omission of a required 2000 word application essay. She also pointed out that Chancellor Telfer was quite miffed last month when Walker requested that the university offer him an honorary degree just days after assuming his governorship over the state, and that the governor would be granted no special privilege. “Walker seemed to think that issuance of an honorary degree would bring prestige to the University of Wisconsin Whitewater,” stated Hare-Paynter. She then noted that the governor is welcome to re-apply with a completed application for the next term.


Anonymous said...

wish it were true...

Anonymous said...

Walker threw all the mirrors away from his house.

His daughters and wife don't talk to him any more.

Even his therapist swears at him when Walker calls his therapist at 2 am while in a cold sweat after nightmares induced by dreams whereby Sarah Palin is his vice-presidential running mate in 2012.

Meanwhile, this blog is excellent. Very original. Write on, signed Uncle Pack

Anonymous said...

Maybe Walker was also a cheerleader at Whitewater like someone else at Yale a few years ago?

Signed, Auntie Pack

Jenna B said...

I would love to see the original article on this to re-post. Can you post?